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Finances are at the top of most people’s minds right now, with many questioning what steps they can take now to lessen the economic hardship they’re facing. While property has long been one of the leading forms of investment for Australians, with the current low interest rates paired with the fact that people will likely start selling properties to free up cash, this will likely be the case more than ever.

Lloyd Edge, Director and Founder of Aus Property Professionals and accredited buyer’s agent, has released his new book, Positively Geared, that’s been coined the ‘Australian property investment bible for the 2020s’.

Lloyd’s investment journey began on a teacher’s salary, where he lived in a heavily mortgaged and negatively geared one-bedroom apartment, to now owning a multi-million property portfolio in just 10 years. The passive income earned from this portfolio allowed him to make the enviable choice to retire from his full time job, and he hopes that his new book will allow others to pursue an investment path that will also lead to a future that is much less reliant on their job earnings.

Lloyd Edge says, “Considering the current climate, and the impact of COVID-19, the premise that holding down a nine-to-five job will guarantee our security or wealth, can no longer be counted on sadly. I urge Australians to use this time to plan for their future and mitigate themselves against future economic problems. They can achieve this by strategizing on how to create multiple streams of income, with property investment as a very viable option. It sounds daunting when you begin, but it isn’t once you have an understanding of the thinking behind it.”

Speaking about his new book, Lloyd says, “Whatever your age or financial situation, or whether you’re a first-time investor or tired of waiting for capital growth on your investment, this book offers you a step by step guide on how to ‘work smarter’ in the Australian property markets. I want to teach others how to achieve a positively geared portfolio of rental properties that will more than pay for itself – starting with a deposit as low as $40,000. There are so many people that say you can’t do that, but I am proof that you can. And if you are not in a position to do so now, given the current environment, it’s a good time to start learning and planning for the future, when we all come out of this on the other side.”


A few tips to planning financial freedom in the book includes:


    1. Setting a clear, personalised strategy to build a property portfolio that guides you towards your long-term lifestyle goals
    2. Ensuring you buy the right property at the right price and under the right terms
    3. Making money whenever you buy a property, through ‘equity creation’ (adding value), so you don’t have to wait for the long term to see your profits. This also mitigates against market falls – if it falls, you still have added value to your property and can finish out ahead of those who just rely on the market, which is often uncertain.


Lloyd also shares his proven strategy which sets him apart from others in the property industry. It’s what he calls the ‘property trifecta’ - instant equity, organic capital growth and positive cashflow. This strategy allows you to add value to every property, as you create your own capital growth through subdivisions, renovations, duplexes, etc, rather than relying on the market’s movements. Equity is a superpower and this approach also ensures that you don’t fall for the traditional ‘buy and hold’ strategy.


Through in-depth case studies, proven strategies and easy-to-follow steps, the book will also teach readers how to:


    • Read the markets for growth areas and find solid investment properties
    • Value property accurately, negotiate and win the sale
    • Create equity by adding value to any property, in any market
    • Build a team of industry pros and develop your own properties
    • Manage a low-maintenance rental portfolio while living your dream life


Positively Geared is published by Wiley and is now available to purchase nationwide. RRP $29.95. Visit https://www.auspropertyprofessionals.com.au/positivelygeared/ for a full list of book stockists and further information.


Lloyd Edge, Director and Founder of Aus Property Professionals, is a buyer’s agent, property strategist, and author of new book Positively Geared. Positively Geared is his new book detailing his investment journey from a teacher’s salary to a multi-million dollar property portfolio.  It offers simple and easy to follow steps to future proof your income, starting with a $40K deposit.

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