• Written by Chloe Taylor

Australian interior design is quite unique, and chances are that you would be able to spot an Aussie-style interior even if you weren’t a professional designer. The earthy tones, the indigenous textures, scents, and accents, not to mention the colours and décor inspired by the ocean, the desert, and the lush forests, all this creates an unmistakable Australian look and feel. Where the Scandinavian design thrives on its minimalist approach, the Aussie interior lives and breathes colour, vibrant accents, and a deep connectedness to Mother Earth as well as the nation’s ancestors.

Overall, the Australian tenant wants to live in a home imbued with light and happiness, and that distinct Aussie charm, which is why today we’ll be taking a look at the best design tips you can use to make your rental truly timeless. Here’s how you can achieve this without breaking the proverbial bank.

Bring the Australian coast inside

If there is anything that Aussies can’t get enough of, it’s the ocean. The roaring of the waves, the honey-hued beaches, the smell of the salty water, the feeling of pure bliss as you gaze at the seemingly never-ending ocean before you, you want to bring all of this into the interior of your rental. Well, as much as you can, of course, using some smart interior design techniques. You can start by mimicking the hue of the beach by introducing washed timber on the floors. Keep the walls in a neutral white hue to set a clear foundation for the accents to come.

Start layering natural textures and bring the endless blue of the ocean inside with prints, textures, decorative elements like vases, and artwork. You want to combine the refreshing blue with the earthy tone of the beach to create a beautiful contrast, but don’t forget to use darker hues for those focal points like the sectional to make it pop, talk to your painters about bringing the whole look together.

Make your interior pet-friendly

If there is anything that Australian tenants are adamant about, it’s that the rental needs to be pet-friendly and that it needs to accommodate the needs of their furry (or feathery) friends. Aussies are big animal lovers, so you need to adapt the interior to ensure the safety of their pets while making it feel like the space is bigger than it actually is. Pets can often feel confined if you stuff the place with too much décor, so while you don’t have to go minimalist, it’s still important to keep the space clear and organized.

Creating a pet-friendly rental also includes choosing safe houseplants that will not harm the animal in any way. This means that the plant should not contain any hazardous chemicals, and they shouldn’t be prickly like a cactus, for example, which can injure the pet. Be sure to erase the barrier between the interior and the exterior for the pets if you’re renting a house with a backyard by installing a dog door that any size dog can fit through comfortably.

Use rugs to depict the tribal cultures

If the tenants have pets that shed, you want to keep your floors as easy to clean and maintain as possible. However, if you leave them bare, you’re missing out on a world of design opportunities, and you won’t be able to complete that distinct Aussie style. Now, preserving the indigenous tribal cultures and the ancestral cultural heritage has been a big deal in Australia over the decades, so portraying that culture in your rental should be one of your priorities.

The best way to do that is to choose raised textures and tribal designs for your rugs. For example, sustainable, hand-made woven rugs that imbue the home with that earthy vibe while complementing the interior with tribal design patterns. It’s also important that you choose rugs that are pet-friendly, easy to clean, and durable so that you don’t have to buy a new one every time a tenant moves out.

Accentuate with warm desert hues

For all the popularity that Australia’s coastline enjoys, there is something truly mesmerizing and enthralling about its expansive outback. The warm desert hues can make your rental come to life and give it that earthy look and feel we’ve been talking about.

You can achieve this look by choosing the right carpets, and making sure that they are clean and tidy to preserve that distinct hue and texture. Likewise, you can choose earthy accents like clay bowls, jute baskets, and woven lampshades.

Scale the lighting scheme

Last but not least, it’s important that you scale and perfect the lighting scheme. Lighting plays a vital role in the rental design because the modern tenant will not set foot into a house that seems dark and unwelcoming.

Make sure that the natural light is on point and that it permeates the interior by creating an open floor plan or replacing solid doors with French doors. Next, understand the importance of lighting when it comes to artificial illumination, make sure to install programmable lights and complement the overhead lighting with accents on the walls, the workstations, and coffee tables.

Wrapping up

If you want to attract the best tenants to your rental, then you need to know what makes an Australian interior stand out. Use these design tips to create an irresistible rental that will bring the best tenants to your doorstep.

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