A Sydney 
personal trainer has revealed how to lose the last five kilograms when you hit a plateau and the best type of exercise to shed lower belly fat fast.

The Daily Mail reports Rachael Attard regularly preaches the benefits of walking for fat loss and understanding what body type you fall into before embarking on a diet and workout plan.

She has hundreds of clients across Australia, as well as more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, all of whom claim her advice has helped them where other programs have fallen short, the website reported.

"I have been through quite a journey with my own health over the past 10 years and I've learned such a lot about what works and what doesn't with regard to fitness and health,'"Rachael wrote on Instagram.

Here are her top tips, as reported in The Daily Mail.

1. 'I'm struggling with losing the last 5kg and am in a plateau. What can I do?'

Rachael said this is one of the most common dilemmas among her clients, and she knows from personal experience that the final 5kg is 'always the hardest to get rid of'. "'My top tips if you're struggling are that you should mix up your workouts and try something different to see if it works better,' she told the Mail. 'You should also remember the importance of rest days as these are what give the body a chance to heal and restore."

2. 'What kind of training should I do if I want to lose lower belly fat?'

Fat on your lower stomach is some of the hardest to get rid of, principally because it's impossible to spot reduce fat but all too easy to put it on in this area.

"Resistance training is the best type of exercise to lose lower belly fat, so anything with weights or utilising your own body weight will help," she said. "But if you're looking for results quickly, I would always suggest HIIT (high intensity interval training)."

3. What are the worst foods for weight loss?

Rachael said if your goal is to lose weight ahead of the summer, the things you need to cut back on the most are alcohol, deep fried foods and processed carbohydrates including cakes and pastries.

4. How do I get rid of knee fat?

Sometimes clients have very specific requests, and Rachael explained she is often asked how women can get rid of excess fat on their knees. 'Walking, walking, walking,' she said.

5. How can I make weight loss easier when I'm really busy?

A busy timetable doesn't mean you have to let your healthy eating habits fall by the wayside, but Rachael said if you fail to plan, then you can plan to fail.'If you're super busy, I recommend preparing food in advance so that you're not getting takeaway,' she said.

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Photo: Stephanie Green/Unsplash

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