• Written by Chloe Taylor

Despite a popular belief, a luxury does not have to be something majestic and lavish. We are dazzled by the big spectacle of glitter so much that we lose sight of all the small things that make life amazing. People are used to over-egging the pudding, forgetting that the basic recipe is as simple as ABC. So, it is time to take a step back and rediscover that little something that picks you up after a bad day. Treat yourself to moments that do not cost a pretty penny, yet feel like a million dollar.

Sweet about me

Likewise, there is no need to always spend money on cinema tickets. Simply invite your friends over for a movie night and let them bring ice cream. Or, even better, purchase a high-quality chocolate. Scientists have found that chocolate bliss is not just about taste and placebo. Namely, our favorite sweet contains antioxidants that literally reduce stress hormones and induce a feeling of happiness.

Break the rules whenever you feel like it and eat a dessert first, before the main meal. When you have a work break, head to a place such as a Doughnut Time outlet and feel the flood of sweetness in your mouth. Once a month, make a culinary magic happen and prepare a state-of-the-art dish. Witness the stress vanishing and anxiety going through the window.

Cheap thrills

Money comes in handy, but it is not be-all and end-all of pleasing yourself. Let us assume that you do not want to spend green like there is no tomorrow. You may feel down at first, but bear in mind that there are countless cheap thrills that can lift your spirit again. The possibilities are virtually endless and they often involve finding a cheaper alternative to something that those with deep pockets do.

For instance, instead of blowing the budget with a new, cutting-edge smartphone, you can add some swag to your old one. Purchase a stylish phone case and browse captivating designs at The Dairy. For only $50, you can make your day much brighter. Or, why go to an expensive bar if you can mix a nice cocktail at home? Alternatively, create your own tailored spirits and let the distillery handcraft them for you.

On cloud nine

Besides the food bliss, there is no shortage of other options you can take advantage of in order to rewind and recharge your batteries. One of my personal favorites is head massage. It does not cost much and takes only 15 minutes of your time. It is more than worth it as the strain on your back, neck, and head disappears. Oh, and I would advise you to go to manicure every now and then. No skimping on your beauty.

Also, aromatherapy is increasingly popular and one can easily order a spray online. A symphony of scents in your living or work environment can give you peace of mind. Lay down on the bed. In case you have also invested in a quality mattress and a pillow (things worth splurging on!), you will be able to drift away to the dreamland comfortably.

Although it certainly helps, money is not the key to happiness. Similarly, luxury is not the synonym for overdoing things: It is something that everyone can afford, yet only a few cherish. Remember that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication and feel that much-needed sensation without breaking the bank. Do not use a sledgehammer to crack a nut and brace yourself and embark on a thrilling journey of self-indulgence. Whatever you choose to do, you should strive to do it your way.

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