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It requires a person to have the right tools and additional personnel to aid him/her in moving large furniture when moving or renovating. There are several risks to the person and the asset if he/she decide to move the furniture by him/herself. On the contrary, it is easy to avert the risks by having a furniture removalist assist you. The staff has in-depth training in handling different types of furniture in commercial and residential spaces.

It is essential to access Help and enhance Safety

Moving bulky items can be challenging, and it is the reason we hire the service [providers. Deciding to do it yourself is risky as you may hurt yourself or damage the heavy furniture. It is costly to purchase a new item while hiring a furniture removalist for your relocation or renovation needs is cheap. The firms bear the responsibility if anything suffers damage.

A removalist has training on the methods of moving furniture. However, it is critical to plan what you can move by yourself or what you need to leave to the specialists. Ensure you know the risks to understand what to expect. Have the ideal attire in shoes and gloves essential in moving furniture. In the next section, we will look at some furniture you should not move.

Items of furniture not to Move yourself


Wooden and metallic cabinets can be heavy to carry. Moving it yourself can easily hurt your back, as they are clumsy to hold. You will need other people to give you a hand to eliminate the risk of injury. Hurting the back is dangerous at it may lead to mobility damage as you can damage the backbone. Please do not risk such a life-changing injury as you can have movers assist you with the bulky furniture.

Glass Table

Coffee tables can be expensive, especially when made of glass. A high-gauge glass is heavy, and it is tasking to carry it alone. The mistake of dropping the furniture is costly. It is why you need to consider hiring additional personnel to aid in moving it.


This equipment is luxurious and fragile. Probably, you are keeping it at home as a piece of art and antique. Breaking the piano will negatively affect its value. It is essential to have a furniture removalist handle it, especially if you are looking to sell later. Although it may seem a small distance to move a piano from one room to another, do not try to move it yourself. Some specialists know the techniques of moving pianos. You are not the only person to need the help.

Bulky Sofa sets and Tables

Apart from the risk of harming your body from carrying heavy furniture, it also poses a threat to other room items. Remember, scratching the floors and walls will cost you a lot if you are leasing the place. The renovations are also expensive. The windows and the TV screen will be at risk as you try to navigate your way through the spaces. Modern furniture has several parts to it, and you may destroy the furniture by mishandling it.


Whether moving or renovating a property, it is vital to take care of yourself and your assets. It is prudent to have a specialist in moving furniture help you in the tasks. Their services are affordable.

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