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There has been a burst of the latest technologies and products for home and pool cleaning in recent years. Many cleaning routines are now adopting these new technologies to achieve a more effective outcome. As a result, the entire process has become simpler and more manageable. Read on to learn more about the top trends in cleaning homes and pools these days.

Electrostatic Technology

Behind this groundbreaking technology trend is electrostatic spraying. This is often used for commercial cleaning but is now being used for home cleaning, especially in those areas with a lot of surfaces. Thus, you can never go wrong incorporating electrostatic spraying in your cleaning routines.

This method is highly effective given that proper disinfectant is used. It is better than standard spraying because it delivers 360-degree coverage. This simply means that electrostatic spray can reach even those hard-to-reach crevices and corners that are often neglected during traditional home cleaning.

Autonomous and Robotic Cleaning Machines

Although robotic cleaners have become popular before the pandemic, the demand for autonomous and robotic cleaning machines has increased due to limited sources, increasing labour costs, and safety and health concerns. This demand also sped up the implementation of this advanced technology.

Under this novel technology, people can find helpful tools, gadgets, and machines like floor scrubbing and mopping robots, automatic vacuum sweepers, programmable and self-driving floor scrubbers with sensors, built-in cameras, etc. One of the significant benefits of these automatic cleaning machines is that they can handle labour-intensive and repetitive cleaning tasks such as floor scrubbing, vacuuming, and even disinfecting surfaces.

Robotic Pool Cleaning Technology

For those with a swimming pool at home, robotic pool cleaning technology tends to be highly beneficial. The pool is the perfect spot to enjoy and relax, especially during summer. Moreover, it adds an elegant touch to your backyard’s landscape. However, a pool requires regular maintenance. Fortunately, you no longer have to spend long hours cleaning it using your own hands because robotic pool cleaners are now available to do the job.

You can select from the best swimming pool cleaner varieties available in the market. While manual pool cleaners like skimmers and nets are suitable for small swimming pools and daily removal of debris, robotic swimming pool cleaners are crucial for deeper cleaning. However, keep in mind that you must consider the design and size of your pool, as well as your budget when choosing the best pool cleaner.

Technology is indeed changing the way people clean their homes and pools. Thanks to the latest trends mentioned above, cleaning has become even more of a breeze. The best part is that everyone can enjoy a cleaner, safer, and more organized home without too much effort.

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