• Written by Georgia Chan


Nearly half of Australians shop online at least once a week, a new survey has found.

And 45 percent of shoppers usually favour two to three different retailers, with mobile phones being the most popular tool to browse online, followed by laptops (27 percent) and desktops (18 percent.)

The survey, conducted by GetApp, a comparison website for small business, found Aussies shop online mainly due to time flexibility and convenience - and to avoid long queues in shops.

It also showed Australians preferred to stick to the same retailers due to product and service quality, quick delivery times, helpful customer service, and reasonable shipping prices. Only 4% of respondents declared having shopped from more than ten different online retailers over the last three months.

A spokesperson for GetApp said the study also explored Australians’ behavioural patterns and concerns related to privacy. The data collected showed that 71% of consumers had previously opted out of an online purchase at least once due to privacy concerns.

"However, surprisingly enough, 61% of shoppers also declared that they use their personal email account when shopping online, and 60% admitted using the same password for different accounts. Moreover, as per the survey results, other factors that can lead to cart abandonment are often related to the difficulty of the registration process, shipping issues, the request for excessive information, and incongruity between the initial and final price," he said.

"The overall result of our survey indicates that customers prefer online shopping mostly with the retailers they trust and when their privacy concerns are taken care of.

“Having said that, online shopping businesses may need to lay more emphasis on customer satisfaction, remain transparent regarding product prices, streamline the account registration process, and take care of other shipping concerns in order to stop consumers from abandoning their cart at the very last moment."

Photo: Bruno Gomiero for Unsplash


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