Australian brand Modibodi is helping students  stay in school by providing England’s 22,000 state-maintained schools access to its reusable absorbent underwear.

Following the exponential growth in requests from British students for reusable absorbent underwear, Modibodi, the UK’s leading absorbent apparel brand, was selected as the UK Government’s partner to provide reusable absorbent underpants to all state maintained schools - 22,000 in total - and 16 educational organisations in England who can order free period products from supplier PHS Group.

Modibodi Head of Sustainability and Public Affairs. Sarah Forde, said: "This decision signals that the UK Government is aligned with their broader environmental and social targets.

"The discretionary period product scheme ensures that learners who menstruate with periods have a choice of product to allow them to participate in education and not be hindered due to their period. It also allowing students to take control of their menstrual management and their desire for a sustainable choice that reduces waste and carbon emissions.

“Modibodi is delighted to work with the PHS Group to be part of the UK government program...which will help to ensure all students can manage their period in a confident, healthy and sustainable manner.

“Time and time again we hear from learners who menstruate, including students with disabilities, those with Menorrhagia (heavy bleeding) and other gynaecological conditions, that they prefer reusable absorbent underwear.

"Feedback demonstrates that reusable absorbent underwear increases young girls and young people with periods participation in vital activities like sport. We hear from our young people that sustainability is important to them, and they are worried about the damage of disposable products on the environment.”

There are multiple sustainable benefits of a reusable absorbent underpants, including that they have up to 60% fewer carbon emissions than equivalent pads and tampons and reduce waste.

Modibodi as a reusable product replacing 432 disposable products each year per person, and 15,000 disposables in a lifetime, and has gained recognition as a purpose driven Australian brand that has driven the cultural conversation, challenged taboos and propelled meaningful change around the world.

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