Astrologers warn tonight's Beaver Blood Moon and eclipse could bring with it relationship-ending energy and widespread financial chaos.

The Daily Mail reports the rare moon, which won't be seen again until 2025, marks the end of eclipse season and will 'bring emotions to the forefront' according to intuitive astrologer Rose Smith.

'You can expect your emotions to be in overdrive, especially concerning financial or business matters,' Ms Smith told the website.

The energy could lead to overspending on luxury items as there is a huge focus on possessions. This means people need to be wary of any desires to be selfish over the next few weeks. 

'Taurus is known as the stubborn bull – and the eclipse offers up a mighty moment to let go of stubbornness and go more with the flow, which will bring some relief,' she said.

Here is when The Daily Mail says you can see the blood moon


Begins at 8.09pm, ends at 11.49pm. Total eclipse (when fully red) from 9.16pm – 10.41pm.


Begins at 7.09pm, ends at 10.49pm. Total eclipse (when fully red) from 8.16pm – 9.41pm.


Begins at 7.43pm, ends at 11.19pm. Total eclipse (when fully red) from 8:46pm – 10.11pm.


Begins at 6.42pm, ends at 10.19pm. Total eclipse (when fully red) from 7:46pm – 9.11pm.


Begins at 6.43pm, ends at 8.49pm. Total eclipse (when fully red) from 6.43pm – 7.41pm

Read the full report here.

Photo: Benjamin Voros/Unsplash

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