• Written by Cara Barilla; Hair, Beauty & Wellness Educator

In today’s society we have the privilege to balance home life with work life. Depending on our unique work structure and passion, there may be an opportunity for you to be able to set up a desk at home and make income during your own time. This will furthermore secure your workspace where you can work anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop, and even secure your income as you don’t need to pay for any overheads. Here are some benefits to working from home and how it can help not only your household but benefit your lifestyle.

Balancing time for kids: There May be those little moments where you may need to assist your partner for half an hour or so with feeding kids, bathing or even taking a little time to spend some extra bonding time with your family. Working from home gives you the opportunity to combine your work life and your home sanctuary. Don’t forget to balance, breathe and prioritise what’s best for your situation.

Even though you are at home it’s crucial to still provide scheduled times for lunch, exercise, rest, meetings and for maybe just some “you” time.

Stress less: We hear a lot of people mention the bonus of working from home is definitely more stress relieving. As you are in your comfort zone, avoid office drama and don’t need to travel. It’s important to also disconnect your home-life to your work life by creating your office room or a designated place in the home where you can instantly switch into work mode without many distractions. If you live in a household where you are working around your children and can work off your laptop virtually anywhere in the house whether it’s your bed, the lounge or the kitchen bench that’s very fortunate, as you can personalise and prioritise the needs for you and the family. Working around yours and your family needs are definitely essential to maintaining low stress levels. 

Avoiding the traffic: It’s certainly a bonus to not spend extra money on fuel, a train or bus ticket and time wasted during travel. Millions of people who work from home save thousands a year by not leaving the house. We hear many families take up a consultation with a financial planner to help make these little financial perks such as avoiding travel to your advantage; for instance, instead of spending x amount of money on travel, they would of planned with their bank to put it aside for a well needed holiday.

Prioritise home chores: It’s great to work from home, however when you are working from home that means you are eating more from home, using your facilities etc. it’s important not to only maintain your workload, but to maintain the new homeload that comes with it for example, more frequent washing in the kitchen, saving extra money for electric bills, groceries and office supplies. The great benefit of all this is that you can monitor your surroundings more and evaluate the patterns that are forming in the household eg. A Journal or visible timetable is a great way to organise this.

Personalise your surroundings: The great thing about working under your roof is that you can change temperature, lighting, sound and wear what you want! This is effective for removing stress, feeling more in control and taking away the discomfort that many sterile offices may still have til this day for eg. Uncontrollable air ventilation, sterile office  lighting, hearing other people talk beside you which may be distracting.

With your current home luxury of picking and choosing your settings it’s important to also not get “too comfortable” as this may slowdown hard work for some.

Your time: Time is said to be one of the most previous things in the world, and having the luxury of working from home means you can spend more time with your family and grounding your household.

Don’t forget to balance this extra time to help yourself and your family for example: you can add an extra half an hour of the day to play with your kids, taking that extra time to eat healthy, go for a run etc.

the more you balance your lifestyle the more positive results you’ll see within your family life.

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