• Written by Cara Barilla; Hair, Beauty and Wellness Educator

During this time of crisis we need to ensure that our body is completely nourished, clean and hygienic. In our everyday lives we are exposed to many traces of germs, bacteria and viruses which can be spread from one person to the next.

Creating additional mindfulness supports the nature of being self managed when balancing overall hygiene. 

We’d be surprised how much our hair, skin, hands and fingernails can collect. We need to become aware of the consequences for not maintaining the correct self grooming and cleaning methods.

Here are some ways you can help look after yours and your family household during any venerable time where bacteria, virus, flu And germs could potentially be widely spread and out of control. 

Coconut oil: coconut oil is used world widely as it contains anti Fungal and anti bacterial natural agents. When getting out of the shower you can moisturise your whole body in 100% pure unrefined virgin coconut oil to help protect your skin from any Fungal or bacterial growth. 

Change your pillowcase: whether your pillowcase is silk or satin made it still carries a large build up of oils, germs, dirt, and sweat from daily use. Not to mention if you have caught head lice the nit eggs will comfortably nestle in your pillowcase and linen. Overall, pillowcases can carry bacteria and may cause allergies. In many cases poor quality or unchanged pillowcases can even damage hair and skin as it can strongly build up dirt and dust and consequently blocking pores on the skin and hair strands. It’s best to wash your pillowcase every two or three days. 

Diffusers: tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils are known to kill airborne influenza viruses when diffused into the air. This is great to know especially during winter season. antibiotic resistant bacteria such as MRSA can be removed by the results of diffusing pure essential oils of geranium, tea tree and lemongrass into the air. Not to mention it’s great for the hair and skin to absorb pure natural essential oils. 

Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus oil contains substances which kills bad bacteria. It also may remove many viruses and fungi. Pure eucalyptus wards off fleas, head lice, ticks and kills germs on surfaces. Eucalyptus oil also acts as an expectorant, meaning it helps coughs by loosening phlegm. This is a great essential to have in the home. Adding a pinch of eucalyptus oil to your shampoo maintains germ free, lice free shiny hair. 

Tea tree oil: This oil has many compounds, such as “terpinen-4-ol” which have been known to remove certain bacteria, viruses and fungi from hair, skin and surfaces. “Terpinen-4-ol” can have the ability to raise the activity of your white blood cells, which help fight germs and other foreign bacteria. 

Baking soda: The power of baking Soda also has antibacterial properties and has been found to kill off Streptococcus bacteria – a very potent contributor to tooth decay. For an incredibly effective tooth and gum paste and hand, under fingernail cleanser use baking soda, water and a pinch of sea salt along with a soft scrubber to remove unwanted dirt, germs and bacteria. 

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