There is often a love/hate relationship for women over 40 and lipstick, and Rageism Beauty is determined to shift that mindset.

The lure of using different lipstick shades and textures, depending on your mood or event, has increasingly becomes a challenging task, especially for older women.

Many women find that they develop fine lines around the mouth and the lips lose volume and become thinner. Thinning of the lips is  one of the first signs that collagen production is slowing and often will start to happen before lines and wrinkles in other parts of the face. 

Midlife women may feel self-conscious about these changes and may not want to wear lipstick or worry that the lipstick they choose doesn’t look nice.

Rageism Beauty, the Australian cosmetics range which has been uniquely designed and formulated for women over 40, shares their insights and inspiration in how to decide which lipstick shade is perfect for you and which colours can amplify your look.

Kathrine Baulderstone, co-founder, Rageism Beauty, says lipstick should still be part of an older woman’s look, by understanding what is happening to your lips. Then, with the right product and application, mature women can embrace their confidence and sass  - all in one illuminating smile!

Lippy decisions

According to Kathrine, lipstick and hydration should go hand in hand.

“As we get older, our lips tend to dry out. Lipsticks that contain aloe, coconut oil and shea butter are moisturising and will nourish your lips,” Kathrine says.

“Avoid very matte lipsticks and lipsticks that are marketed as “12 hour”. These are usually very drying and although the colour may last, it will sit in the lines and make the lips look pinched.

“Find a colour or shade that you love! Remember that you can mix shades and create your own or add a gloss to give your lipstick shine or look plumper. Some colour looks fabulous on older complexions, too nude and you can look washed out.” Kathrine adds.

Rageism lipsticks are all the rage

“Our best-selling lipstick is Bloom. This is a beautiful neutral pink and suits most complexions. The next best seller is Scarlett.  It can be difficult to find the perfect red, but we have done it! Its super flattering and looks great on everyone!

“These two must-have shades such as Bloom and Scarlett in your handbag will be your beauty secret weapons in elevating your look with an luscious pout and smile.”

Be fearless with a red lippy

“Let’s be clear… older women can wear red! Look at Helen Mirren, Naomi Watts and Viola Davis at the recent Golden Globes.  They all wore a red lip and were perfection!”

“Warm reds look fabulous for warm skin tones and cool reds for those with cooler undertones.  Avoid a red with too much brown and brick . A neutral red like Rageism’s Scarlett works on every skin tone. 

“Always use a soft lip pencil that can blend, to define the lips and help stop your lipstick bleeding. Its best to use a pencil as close to the shade of lipstick you are wearing or slightly paler, never choose a shade that is darker. A nude pencil will also work.

“A fabulous and brave red lip is just part of the story, the rest is about confidence and attitude!

“And whatever lipstick shades you love, it’s all about embracing the skin you’re in and celebrating your inner and outer joy.  Finishing off your look with a radiant smile in a perfect shade for you says it all.”



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