• Written by Brigitte Evans

Trends come and go, but there are pieces that stand the test of time and always look chic and stylish. If you consider yourself a fashion enthusiast, here are a couple of essentials you should own by now.

A durable pair of quality denim jeans

Let’s start our fashion essentials list with one of the pieces that virtually everyone has in their closet by now. We’re talking about denim jeans, a staple garment in every capsule wardrobe. Skinny, flared, bootcut, or the now trendy mom/boyfriend jeans – there are so many types that there’s no excuse not to own a pair. Look for ones that accentuate your natural features best. Dark washed denim is the most flattering as it has a slimming effect, it’s more versatile than light denim and can be easily dressed up and down. Given their versatility, splurging on a couple of quality denim jeans would certainly be justified.

A plain white tee as the perfect basic piece

On days when we simply don’t know what to wear, the white tee comes to the rescue. Versatile and easy to style, this basic piece is great to have at hand as it allows for multiple outfit combinations that can be worn on a number of occasions. Running errands? Pair your white tee with jeans and comfy sneakers. Heading for a night in town? Grab a white tee and a skirt or a slip dress, put on a pair of heels, and top it off with a cool jacket and a statement necklace for an effortlessly chic look. Having one of those lazy days? Wear your tee with a pair of leggings. It’s that versatile!

A classic, black faux leather jacket

Another classic staple you’ll find in all capsule wardrobes is a black, faux leather jacket. Not only is a motorcycle jacket the perfect piece to top off a casual tee+denim look, but it can also be worn with more feminine pieces as a way of creating interesting contrast. The rough, edgy look of the leather jacket and the soft, feminine vibe of a long floral dress is a match made in heaven and is one of the ways many fashionistas choose to style these two equally timeless pieces. A moto jacket is also a great layering piece that can help transition your outfits into fall, and if you invest in a high-quality one, it’s sure to last you for years.

A versatile dress you can take from day to night

While jeans and tees may be your favorite go-to pieces, you also need to have some dressier garments. On some days, casual outfits make perfect sense, but on those days when we want to feel extra feminine, a dress is a piece we often reach for. Long or short, dresses have the power to transform our confidence. While one-tone silk dresses are the perfect basic pieces, equipping your closet with a couple of printed ones is a great way to ensure you have some statement pieces to break the monotony. Take a look at online dress stores and find the perfect dress you can wear on multiple occasions. We must warn you though – it may be hard to stop at just one.

Statement jewellery pieces to take things up a notch

Basic go-to pieces make for the perfect foundation for capsule wardrobes, but just like herbs and spices add flavor to a dish, accessories add the pizzazz to an outfit. When it comes to choosing the right statement-making jewellery pieces, this is where you can get really creative and show off your sense of style. From colorful, hand-crafted beaded necklaces specific to African jewellery makers to ‘mokume-gane’, an ancient Asian ornamental technique used to adorn rings and bracelets, to unique and fashionable Australian jewellery that keeps you looking stylish and on-trend year-round – the options are endless when it comes to selecting different jewellery styles from all around the world. Fashion should be fun, so stick to what feels like you, but don’t shy away from experimenting a bit and making a bold fashion statement.

Simple white sneakers that go with everything

Now that we’ve covered tops and bottoms, let’s move on to footwear. While neutral heels, ballet flats, and ankle boots are definitely staples worth investing in, you’ll also need something you can wear day and night, weekdays and weekends, year-round. A pair of high-quality, simple white sneakers can take you from spring to summer to autumn, and sometimes even winter, depending on the region you live in. They can be worn with jeans, shorts, skirts, and nowadays, it’s trendy to pair them with ultra-feminine dresses as well, making them a basic piece that should definitely find its way into your shoe closet.

A big, neutral-colored tote for carrying your essentials

The perfect way to wrap up an outfit is to throw a quality, large, neutral-colored carryall tote into the mix. While clutches and crossbody bags are great to have, a big bag is what we all need to fit our everyday essentials and have them on hand wherever we go. When you’re out and about, running errands or shopping for groceries, a sturdy bag will be your perfect companion, fitting everything from books and laptops to tissues, lipsticks, and smaller essentials. Bonus points if you can wear it in both professional and casual settings!


It seems like every new season requires a wardrobe update. However, when your closet consists of basic, chic, and versatile pieces, there’s no need for big updates but rather tiny tweaks and small edits. This list of must-haves will help you streamline your closet and build a capsule wardrobe so that you always have something to wear.

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