• Written by Lilly Miller

Finding solitude today, when we’re constantly connected and surrounded with people, is a real art. While we often equate solitude with loneliness and sadness, it has nothing to do with any of those negative states — spending time alone is actually very beneficial. It allows you to unwind, improve focus, think, work through problems and boost relationships with others and yourself. So, here are few practical ways you can spend more me-time and reap the benefits of peace and quiet.

Wake up early

Sure, sleeping in is great and healthy sometimes, but try to wake up a half an hour or an hour before everyone else in your house. Use this quiet time to meditate, prepare a healthy and nutritious breakfast or grab a cup of coffee in peace. You can also do this on your workdays—simply arrive before everyone else and set up your workstation, sort your emails and prepare for the day. Peaceful mornings will start your day off on the right note and there’s a good chance you’ll feel happy and relaxed. You can also start practicing a light morning stretch: stand up, get as tall as possible, bend over and touch the ground while breathing slowly and deeply. Or you can do nice sun salutation—whatever makes you more in tune with your body and soul.

Schedule workouts

Any sort of physical activity releases endorphins, the happy hormones that improve your mood and ban stress. But, exercise also clears your head and allows you to focus on what’s in front of you. So, sometimes (even if you’re a group workout kind of person) try to hit the gym alone or go for a light run with only your bottle water and headphones. Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind and if you can mix it with your alone-time, you have a winning combination.

Get lost in nature

Nature is a known cure for the soul and it can fill you up with new energy and relieve stress. So, make sure to have a light nature walk at least once a week. If you live somewhere near the water or a national park, you’re in luck, but if you’re a big city-dweller, you can still hit your nearest park and take in nature. When you’re surrounded by sounds of flora and fauna and awarded with beautiful views and minimal distractions, you’ll get a chance to really dive deep into your own psyche and take a mindful look into your life.


No matter if you have any artistic talents or not, try creating something just for fun. If you have space, create a mini studio somewhere on your property which will serve as your shelter from the world and provide you with maximum privacy and peace. Today, building a secluded shed in your backyard is very popular, so check out some models online and order your own shed kit. These are easy to set up, and once you fill them with décor and comfort items, they can turn into a perfect place for your DIY projects or painting and writing attempts. What’s important here is that you create and enjoy the process, so don’t worry too much about the end result.


Sure, the internet is a blessing, but it can also be a curse, so find a way to disconnect from the world every now and then. Turn off your phone and your TV and shut down your computer. If you use your computer to write, draw or create in any sort of way, disconnect from the internet and avoid all those distracting dings and beeps. You’ll love your peaceful time without any distractions.

Have a quiet lunch

Do you often spend your lunch break working or running errands? Well, break that habit and have a quiet lunch with yourself. Eat mindfully, then take a light walk or sit in the sun. It’s much healthier than devouring your meal and immediately heading back to work.

Upgrade your showers and baths

Bathing is still the ultimate me-time activity, so every now and then, prepare a relaxing bath with bubbles and essential oils or enjoy a longer shower with plenty of pampering products. These ten to twenty minutes will rejuvenate you and make you feel like a new person. There’s also no better way to prepare yourself for bed and a healthy dose of beauty sleep.

Don’t feel guilty about stealing time for yourself! You can’t really give 100% to others unless you feel rested, relaxed and stress-free. So, if you want to be a better parent, partner, friend or worker, you have to put yourself first and enjoy your me-time to the max.

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