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Leading dieticians have advised how to boost calcium and iron levels, which are the most common nutrient deficiencies among Australian women.

Leanne Ward and Susie Burrell are the co-hosts of the hugely popular 'Nutrition Couch' podcast, which aims to dispel myths around dieting and healthy eating and explain how you can produce the best results.

The Daily Mail reports in a recent episode, the health professionals said robust calcium and iron levels were vital for healthy bones and increased energy levels.

For Leanne, calcium is the nutrient most of her clients are deficient in.

'Years ago, we wouldn't have had to think about being deficient in something like calcium, but due to the different diets out there, the different intolerances and various "health halos", I see a lot of people who don't get enough calcium,' she said.

'Calcium is just so important for females. You have really high requirements when you're in your teens, as you're growing and laying down those strong foundations.

'Then, for women in the age 19-50 age group, you need 1000mg of calcium per day - which amounts to three or four serves.'

The website said once you hit age 50, this jumped to 1200mg a day or four serves, while breastfeeding mothers needed 1300mg a day.

'If you're not getting that from your diet, your body will pull it from your bones and from your teeth because bub needs it and will seek it from anywhere,' she said

Read the full report here.

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