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Do you want to attract birds to your home but don’t know how? Put up a bird feeder. But before you do this, you need to know first that there are tons of bird feeder types that you need to know. They are for different kinds of purposes and that said, purchase the ones aligned with what kind of birds you want to feed.

Here are the types of bird feeders you should know about.

Tube Feeder

This type of bird feeder is popular among neighborhoods that have a lot of chickadees, sparrows, titmice, and finches flying around. This is a tube where the birds can get their food at the bottom. It has a transparent container to attract the birds effectively so that they will know what kind of food they’re going to eat.

House Bird Feeder

Another one on this list is a house bird feeder or a hopper feeder which is technically a birdhouse but fills the inside with bird seeds. It is a cute way to attract birds because they have a platform outside the feeder where they can eat their bird food. You can choose from a variety of designs online (http://www.birdlodges.com).

Nectar Feeder

Do you have hummingbirds in your area? You need to have this type of bird feeder because this is not your usual seed-filled one. The smell of nectar encompasses the whole garden of your yard. This means that hummingbirds and other kinds of birds that love nectar will crowd this bird feeder in no time.

Suet Feeder

If you see woodpeckers around the neighborhood, you can buy suet feeders because they are made especially for these kinds of birds. The beaks of the birds can fit freely in the grids of the feder letting them reach the fat-filled block of food inside. You can buy specific kinds of bird food to put inside a suet feeder online or in local bird stores.

Ground Feeder

Do you have birds who love walking in your backyard because you don’t have domestic animals scaring them away? Set up a ground feeder instead of the hanging one for them to have a convenient way of eating their bird seeds.

Peanut Feeder

Another type of feeder you should know about is a peanut feeder. This is a special one because it is made specifically to hold peanuts and you don’t even need to open the shells. The birds are wise enough to peck the shells and get the goodies inside.


Whether you’re a beginner in feeding birds in your backyard or not, knowing the types of bird feeders out there is important. This will enable you to do your research about the kinds of birds in your area and how you can enjoy watching them eat the food you restocked in the bird feeders.

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