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Singles have been warned about five 'common' behaviours that are an instant turn off when dating.

Daily Mail reports Australian relationship coach Louanne Ward shared an insightful video on Instagram detailing each 'unattractive' habit - from fishing for compliments to complaining too much. 

"Whether you're a woman or a man, these five things are pretty universal that are unattractive and a bit of a turn off," she said in the clip titled 'dating fails that are turning people off'. 

"What really happens when you do these things is that you come across as insecure, selfish and annoying," the website reported.

The five behaviours are:

1. Seeking compliments or validation about yourself 

2. Avoiding answering questions and not being an 'open book' 

3. Using your date as a therapist to complain about your problems 

4. Putting yourself down 

5. If you continue to interrupt someone else when they're speaking  

See the full article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/relationships/article-11229325/Dating-coach-Louanne-Ward-reveals-five-MAJOR-dating-fails-turning-singles-off.html

Photo: Ben White on Unsplash 

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