You can save up to $1,900 a year by switching to clean, safe, and affordable electric appliances instead of using gas, a new Climate Council analysis has found. 

A new report found homeowners in Australia’s capitals could save between $500 and $1,900 a year on electricity bills by replacing gas heating, cooking, and hot water appliances with electric alternatives. 

Dr Carl Tidemann, Climate Council senior researcher and report lead author, said: “In the middle of a national cost-of-living crisis, getting gas out of homes is a smart and simple way for Australians to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year, while also reaping health benefits and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“The Climate Council is calling on governments to help all Australians get off gas and access cost-saving home upgrades by providing low or zero interest loans to help with the up-front cost of buying reverse cycle air conditioners, cooktops, and hot water heaters.

“Kicking gas out of homes would also shield Australians from future spikes in gas prices, which are currently sky-high due to local supply challenges and international shortages. Gas prices won’t fall anytime soon,” Dr Tidemann said. 

Brisbane, Hobart and Canberra are the cities that reap the biggest savings, due to high gas prices in Brisbane and colder climates in Hobart and Canberra. Households that go fully electric in capital cities can enjoy annual bill savings of up to: 

  • Hobart: $1,899

  • Canberra: $1,876

  • Brisbane: $1,424

  • Adelaide: $1,457

  • Melbourne: $1,207

  • Sydney: $924

  • Perth: $803 

“Victoria and the ACT are leading the nation on policies that support gas-free homes.  Victoria is ending forced gas connections in new homes, whileACT residents can access zero interest loans and grants to electrify their homes. Other States must follow suit,” Dr Tidemann added. 

Dr Kate Charlesworth, public health doctor and Climate Councillor said “Gas is not only a big financial burden for Aussie families, it also threatens their health and worsens climate change. There are so many benefits and zero downsides to ridding Australian homes of this hazardous, polluting substance.” 

“In addition to helping families access electric appliances, governments should also stop gas companies from charging extortionate disconnection fees and end the absurd practice of forcing new homes to be connected to gas networks. 

“For the sake of our health, our hip pockets, and our race to rapidly cut emissions this decade, we have to rid Australia of gas and usher in clean, clean, affordable, all-electric homes instead,” Dr Charlesworth said.

The Climate Council has a calculator to show individuals how much they can save on their bills and cut pollution by switching appliances. It is available at: https://www.climatecouncil.org.au/resources/home-appliance-savings-calculator/

Photo: Jimmy Dean/Unsplash

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