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Turning Crisis into something inspiring… how one Australian woman is creating a digital education revolution where no student should be left behind. #Education4ALL

Sydney woman receives UNAA NSW recognition and is a finalist in FIVE AusMumpreneur NSW State Award Categories

Sydney, Australia, 13th August 2020, Eman Soliman the Founder & CEO of EduTech Australia  ™, the one-stop innovative digital education organisation is committed to fostering collaboration and creativity in digital education and business. EduTech Australia supports schools, teachers, corporate, governments, Low SES communities, special education and individuals. EduTech Australia strives to bring innovation in digital education and drive Australia and the world to 21st Century learning to secure Australia's prosperous future.


Their range of Japanese STEAM innovative products, programs and services are thoughtfully geared to support individuals in this realm while leading the way in digital learning experiences.


Eman is a driven, successful entrepreneur with a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of others via digital education. She believes that digital technology used for learning purposes are significant drivers in the transformation of teaching and learning, and vital in closing the achievement gap. 


In two short years, the Sydney single Mum of two boys has been recognised by the United Nations  Association of Australia – NSW Division and is a finalist in the national AusMumpreneur awards in five categories including Digital Innovation, Women will Change the World, Multicultural Business Excellence, Making a Difference (Education) and Making a Difference (Business).


EduTech Australia’s are paving the way for a revolution in digital education in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, and in the Middle East. Their programs include Artec Japanese award-winning robotics and coding – Education4ALL equity program - STEM IN SPORT program - EduTech Australia’s Innovators Academy Franchise - International Robotics Competition Series - Robo-Rec International challenge and camp - Kids Entrepreneurship Education - teachers development - digital apps. 


Eman Soliman, Founder, and CEO of EduTech Australia says:


“I am so honoured to be a finalist in five categories of the business AUSMUMPRENEUR awards for 2020 for NSW. I am passionate about changing the world via digital, robotics, and STEAM education and want to achieve justice and equality for all students in Australia and other world regions.”


Eman was born in Alexandria, Egypt. She is known for making every impossible possible. She has faced domestic violence, hardship, homelessness, and health scares and has always shown determination and continues to strive to make positive changes to the lives of others. Eman’s passion for creating a digital education revolution to change the world continued via her innovative work in digital, robotics and STEAM education.  She was recognised for her outstanding work by the United Nations Association of Australia - NSW Division nationally (UNAA-NSW).


When she was notified of her recognition from the UNAA-NSW Eman said: 


“Within six months of launching; EduTech Australia has been recognized Australia by the United Nations Associations of Australia- NSW Division for successfully embedding Seven of the Seventeen United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals into our Policies and Values, and for demonstrating outstanding engagement with these, Global Goals. In particular because of our national and international equity program #Education4ALL click here


This empowers EduTech Australia to continue on our mission of supporting schools and students with one goal Education4ALL. Closing the gender gap for girls & women in STEAM education ... providing quality digital education for all... offering sustainable STEAM and robotics programs... creating social impact globally. Providing equal opportunity to all students to thrive... enhancing quality teaching and learning. Globally technology and innovation are transforming our economy, 85% of jobs require STEAM skills, these skills are the Solution to our workforce and the challenge of economic growth. The importance of STEAM subjects is critical and significant to help students build real skills required in real-life jobs. Businesses are already struggling to find the right skilled talent for their workforce, and digital disruption is putting more jobs at risk. 


We have been working so hard to create a digital education revolution in Australia and globally. Creating significant differences in the lives of many and helping to shape the innovators of tomorrow. “

Eman is an advocate for women’s rights & gender equality. She excelled as an Australian National and NSW State Champion in Jet Ski sport and was the first Australian racer to become the Women’s Racing Advocate and International Racing Leader with the Australian Jet Ski Association (AJSA) Eman was also the Brand Ambassador and sponsored racer (international) with the Australian Jet Ski Network and Australian Jet Ski TV. Leading by example, Eman gained national and international respect and featured extensively in global media while representing Australia. 


As a female professional Jet skier, she presents a positive role model, inspiring many women to follow her lead in a male-dominated sport. She was the face of NSW racing from 2014 to 2017 and was 1 in 2 women racing in Australia, sometimes being the only female competing. Eman holds top ranking in NSW & Australian Championships such as overall 2nd place showroom stock NSW, overall 4th place across multiple classes in NSW including Open Professional Experts and 5th to 8th  place in Australia in Showroom Stock and Stock in the Runabout Enduro Open. 


Eman is an advocate for women’s rights & gender equality. She was awarded Women Racing Advocate by the AJSA in recognition of her mission to promote Integrity and a Fair and Clean Jetski Sport. With the help of the AJSA, Eman is currently working on a new Jet Ski Project linking Australia with the government in the Middle East to promote the Jetski Sport and to enhance cultural integration, social cohesion, and gender equality.


Eman concludes: “Overall, education is the platform that makes it possible to defeat all barriers. I dreamt of creating a business that changes the world not just my world and to ensure global synergy and prosperity. The whole community has an obligation to support digital & STEAM education and schools, to shape our future as a country and improve our economic growth and quality work. By using innovative approaches to enhance and establish community, business, and industry partnerships, and by working together, we can build sustainable development and improve our future. 


Education4ALL ... In light of global challenges, I designed this program and aligned it to deliver on seven goals of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to join the world on this great mission, and to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.  Education4ALL equity program aims to ensure inclusive, equitable quality digital education, promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, achieve justice in digital education and close the gender gap for girls in STEAM. The program supports students from Low Socio-economic communities in Australia and around the world “


To see a video of an example of the outcome of Eman and EduTech Australia’s outstanding work please click here

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