• Written by Tara Kaff

It’s safe to say that immune health is a key contender for hot topic of 2020, and with flu season rolling around, now more than ever do we need to be seeking out some extra help in our health. The go-to sworn by health experts and nutritionists worldwide: Vitamin C, the superhero supplement you need all-year round that provides numerous health benefits and could be the boost your immunity needs.


According to Tara Kaff, Amazonia in-house nutritionist and ex-professional athletic dietician, Vitamin C  is far more than an antioxidant for immune health, but the holy grail of goodness with many beauty, health and wellness benefits attached to it. From brain function to skin health, investing in a certified organic source of Vitamin C is the best way to boost your daily intake.


As an essential vitamin (meaning your body can’t produce it), it is imperative to ensure you stock up on the good stuff, stat! Read on for are the top reasons why we need to up the ante in Vitamin C…


A Brain Vitamin: Vitamin C is vital for healthy function of the brain’s blood vessels, nerves, neurotransmitters and connective tissues, which is a fundamental in supporting communication between the brain and body. In fact, the brain can actually remove Vitamin C from the blood if deficiency occurs, directly effecting the organs and tissues that receive it to ensure you stay on top of your health all year round.


Skin + Beauty Benefits: an antioxidant powerhouse, Vitamin C works to help protect your skin by fighting off free radicals that cause inflammation and damage to the skin’s defence system. Vitamin C is also an essential for collagen production and synthesis, helping you achieve tighter, healthy, glowing skin allowing you to reap benefits you can “C”.


Mood Booster: a powerful mood booster, Vitamin C supplements also help the body absorb iron, especially not readily absorbed iron (plant-based sources), reducing the likeliness of deficiency. Low Iron is known to effect the state and cause fatigue and mood swings.


Muscle Recovery: exercise can create oxidative stress within the body, which is why athletes are commonly recommended to eat a diet high in antioxidants to help fight free radicals and repair cell damage. Vitamin C increases blood antioxidant levels, helping the body to fight inflammation and help you recover from training. Whatever your choice of activity, you can benefit from the extra antioxidant boost of Vitamin C and recover faster.


Immune Function: strong antioxidant supporting your immune system and strengthening natural defences, Vitamin C protects cells from toxic free radicals that when accumulated create oxidative stress linked to various chronic diseases. Vitamin C also plays a role in various metabolic reactions and is important for healthy connective tissue, small blood vessels, bones and teeth, while also encouraging the production of white blood cells important for protecting the body against infections. Consistent use of Vitamin C will be most effective in supporting your immune system over time.

Keen to find out the best way to boost your daily intake? Introducing Amazonia Raw Vitamin C Complex; a potent, organic source of non-synthetic Vitamin C to support immunity, healthy hair, skin, nails and Iron absorption. This delicious blend provides Vitamin C in a highly bioavailable, wholefood form. With immune herbs, spices and prebiotics Raw Vitamin C Complex is the ultimate Vitamin C supplement with 400mg of natural, wholefood Vitamin C per serve, equivalent to 8 oranges and 1000% the RDI.



Tara is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Sports Dietitian and Performance Nutritionist. Tara is the in-house Dietitian for Amazonia and works in product development, nutrition and recipe creation for the SKU of Amazonia products. Her goal as a dietitian is to assist and guide individuals in choosing the right foods to support their wellbeing. Additionally, she aims to increase their knowledge and understanding around performance-based nutrition allowing them to implement practical strategies that will see their performance, recovery and overall health accelerate.


Prior to Amazonia Tara was the in-house Dietitian for the South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL team.

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