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Being a music lover, it brings wonderful joy to attend a music festival. It's expected to look your best on this auspicious day. But deciding upon a favourable outfit can be a daunting task. Compromising comfort for the sake of style may not be a wise decision to settle for. Your outfit might hinder the extent of enjoyment, the festival has to offer. However, it’s still possible to look stylish without sacrificing comfort, by following 10 great festival outfit ideas.

The key is to secure harmony between style and comfort. Don’t forget the weather though! It is crucial to take precautions, to make it through unforeseen weather changes. Also, you would be spending a significant amount of time standing among the crowd. Hence, your footwear needs to be compatible with such situations. If you are still struggling to finalise the outfit, don’t worry we got you covered. This blog will entertain you with incredible ideas to help youput your best foot forward.

  • Opt for a comfortable and cosy pair of footwear

A music festival involves substantial physical movement like standing, jumping, dancing and walking as well. Opting for comfortable footwear would heighten the pleasure and reduce the chances of detracting from the fun. The festival lasts for long hours. Settling for troublesome footwear may result in blisters, fatigue and severe foot pain. 

Leaving the festival in between would be the last thing you want. That is why it is imperative to settle for a pair that can defend your feet against injuries, provide cushioning to your heels and allow you to move with ease. 

Avoid wearing heels or wedges, unless you would be attending from the VIP section. Relaxing pair of footwear like boots, sandals or sneakers would take care of your comfort without compromising on the fun.

  • Carry a rain poncho

Attending music festivals in summer comes with a risk of unpredicted rain. Investing in a rain poncho would save you from the discomfort of getting wet. The absence of a rain poncho can cause damage to electronic gadgets, which can obstruct communication and add to discomfort. It would protect your outfit from getting ruined in the rain. Being wet for a longer period leads to diseases and weakens your immune system, disrupting your daily routine. The raincoat will keep you dry and spare you from suffering. Lastly, it allows you to groove to the beat without worrying about getting wet.

Read on – 7 top tips for the best music festival experience ever

  • Settle for a cap as a head covering

Music festivals take place outdoors which makes your hair and scalp vulnerable to harsh weather. If the festival is taking place during the daytime, then wearing a hat is a must. The intense sun rays may burn your skin and degrade your hair quality. 

Wearing a cap exempts you from suffering these mishaps and makes you stand out from the crowd. Also, it is a stylish accessory to coordinate with your outfit that will express your style. You never know, it can be your lucky day and your favourite artist may give you a shout-out for wearing an eye-catching hat.

  • Style your hair in a bun or braid it

You are attending a music festival and can't wait to rock the fest with open hair. But the heat might ruin the enjoyment and lead to sweat and sticky hair. Styling your hair in a ponytail, bun or even braid would keep your hair intact and ease your head movement. With these hairstyles, you don't have to worry about getting your hair on the way.

 These hairstyles keep your hair from getting tangled and make it convenient to carry your attire. Further, opting for fishtail braids or messy buns would complement your outfit and add to the festive vibe. For a casual yet funky look, these 8 killer ways to style cargo pants would effortlessly bring out the festive vibe.

  • Opt for minimal makeup

Heading to the music fest with heavy makeup may not be a great idea. The heat, wind and sun may dampen your skin and instigate some allergic reactions. You would require to spend long hours in the fest, and simultaneously keeping up with heavy makeup may cause a setback. Moreover, it can be distracting in the crowd and make you feel conscious about your overall look. 

A minimalistic makeup approach would make it easier to carry the look for an extended duration. Heavy makeup is more likely to wear off in the heat, causing discomfort in the middle of the fest. Settling for lighter makeup would let you enjoy it to your fullest, encouraging a hassle-free experience at the festival.

The bottom line

If you are a newbie attending music festivals, these tips can benefit you. Even if you have been to music festivals before, these tips can contribute to enhancing your experience. There are no guidelines concerning the "right" way to pair your outfit. Music festivals promote gathering and community building. You are free to express yourself at such fests. Hence, wear whatever makes you feel composed and empowered.

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