• Written by Candice Meisels

Lana Kruger, Chief Executive Officer and founder of The Megna Group, the only female-founded and owned logistics company in Australia. The Megna Group is constantly reimagining the supply chain for brands and e-commerce businesses.

Lana is a logistics expert and has worked for numerous global logistics organisations. After emigrating to Australia in 2011 she launched The Megna Group – an innovative logistics company that is agile, fast-thinking, and creative.

Lana says: “I started in logistics over two decades ago in South Africa and I have since worked in three countries in senior management positions for some of the world’s largest logistics companies. This experience has taught me a lot. It has also provided me with the insight into understanding what the industry gaps are and what brands need.

For me the opportunity was clear – to be an innovative logistics solutions company that was agile, fast-thinking, fast-paced and creative: providing one-stop total solutions for brands in packaging, warehousing, distribution and more. And to always be ahead of the constantly changing needs and demands of e-commerce. I wanted to be a provider who is innovative and streamlines solutions to save my clients’ money and enable trust in Megna – whether the client is sending off one box or 3000. We want to make things easier and simpler!”

The Megna Group provides a one-stop, total solution, in packaging, warehousing, distribution, international freight, and more. It enables business owners and supply chain professionals to manage their costs and simplify their processes in a smarter, more effective way. It provides well-known Australian brands with a competitive edge, by tailoring their logistics needs to suit their products and their customers.


Lana adds: “When brands started introducing personalisation and customisation to their products, especially through online retailing, I realised logistics companies lacked the ability to respond quickly and effectively to support brands on achieving cost effective and creative packaging fast-tracked for delivery. To enable brands to truly differentiate was what motivated me to start a logistics company that would focus on helping brands exceed customer expectations.”


Lana is a finalist in the 2020 AusMumpreneur Awards in the following categories:  Business Excellence, B2B Services, Sustainability, and Multicultural.


Tips for businesses when it comes to logistics:

For products that are light and compact in weight, ensure that your packaging is well designed to fit the product snug without having any “free space” in the carton. This reduces freight costs & eliminates paying for shipping “air”.

To avoid unexpected charges from couriers, ensure you are familiar with the “additional” surcharges of each carrier that you are using.

If you are sending approx 100 orders per week it often becomes financially viable to consider outsourcing these functions to a 3PL (3rd party logistics) company who can fulfill these functions on your behalf. This enables businesses to scale effortlessly & frees any business from fixed overheads during the quieter months of product sales.  

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